Tauranga Fishing Charters

The relaxing breeze, the energising light from the sun, and that tranquil clashing of the waves—these are only some of the things you will relish once you isolate yourself from the daily grind and go fishing. Contrary to what people say, fishing is more than food and survival. It’s one fantastic way to commune with nature in the company of your family and a couple of good friends.

That is what we do here at Tauranga Fishing Charters—we take you on a sojourn that will allow you to explore the magnificence of the sea. The sea is our playground and home. We’re going to teach you how to become part of it through the following:

• Kingfish Jigging and Livebaiting Trips
• Hapuka, Bluenose, and Bass Fishing Trips
• Big Game Fishing
• Snapper Fishing Trips
• Day Reef Fishing

We also offer diving trips for brave souls who want to navigate the depths of the sea. We have a team of professionals that will help you master the basics of fishing. We will even help you learn the art of being still and patient, knowing that fishing gives room for meditation or contemplation.

To learn more about the trips and other adventures, feel free to browse our other pages. You can contact our customer service department if you’ve made up your mind to become part of our next excursion.

game fishing club

Big Game, Marlin, Tuna, Swordfish & Shark Fishing

Full day and overnight fishing trips for Marlin, Tuna, Sword Fish and Shark can be arranged. Charters departing from Tauranga and Mt. Manganui.


Kingfish fishing trips chartered out of Tauranga:

The kingfish fishing in and around the Bay of Plenty is the best in the world. Charters for kingfish fishing can be arranged for day fishing trips or overnight fishing trips. Check out some of the kingfish caught out of Tauranga.

Mayor Island Fishing

Charter Fishing to Mayor Island (Tuhua)

Mayor Island fishing trips have everything to offer from reef fishing for snapper and terakihi to the mighty yellow tail kingfish and bluenose ,hapuka, bass and with the summer months the big game move in tuna, marlin and swordfish. Mayor Island really has it all.

Diving Charters out of Tauranga

We have plenty of beautiful reefs and islands around Tauranga to take 1st time divers up to advanced divers.