Diving Trips

Traversing the earth and flying on a plane are two methods that help us become more mobile to explore the wonders of nature. But, there’s a lot of things to marvel at that these means will never reach—the spectacles of the underwater world.

Diving into the pristine waters of Tauranga will make you better realise that the world has so many beautiful things to offer. Other than spending some time swimming with schools of fish and feeling the rush of the currents, you get a chance to lounge around while enjoying the picturesque underwater panoramas. You get a chance to see what the rest of the world may consider as something that doesn’t exist at all.

divingThere is beautiful diving to be had in the Bay of Plenty with plenty of seafood to be gathered including Crayfish, Scallops, Paua, Mussels and Kina.

We know good locations for scenic dives for those who like to look but not take.  There is plenty of room on the boat for Divers and Diving equipment.

Areas we offer include Mayor Island, Penguin Shoals, Brewers Shoals, Motiti Island, Plate Island, Karewa Island, Astrolabe Reef (when there is no longer a container ship parked on it!) and plenty of places in between.


Full boat charter (Max 20 people):

  • Full day: $1,600.

diving trips



Pick up that phone and contact one of our friendly customer service associates if you want to witness a whole new world. We assure you—it’s a paradise out there. Relishing these underwater marvels may be something you will want to do over again.

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