The Boat

Miss Fleur
boat fishingThe Miss Fleur is a 43 foot long with a 15 foot beam purpose built fishing vessel to suit all types of fishing.

It has a large decked area with seating and roof cover over two thirds, an onboard toilet and wash facilities including a hot water shower.

The boat is fitted with the required safety gear and for your fishing enjoyment is equipped with:

  • A craypot hauler and Craypots
  • Bluenose & Hapuka droppers
  • Outriggers
  • Latest fishing gear & tackle (if required)
  • 15 Rod and Beer holders
  • Big ice hold
  • Filleting station
  • Oven and BBQ to cook your catch
  • Dive ladder
  • Late model fish finder & chart plotter
  • Underwater lights

Miss Fleurs Skipper has had 20 years experience of fishing in the Bay of Plenty and is keen to see you have a productive and enjoyable day of fishing.


Miss Fleur was chartered by TV3 News to cover the Rena disaster.

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